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Building Your Own Solar Panel

Author: Jhon Xita

Buying solar panels from the market is expensive. It may cost about ,000 for a small set up that can provide electricity to a house that consumes average of 300 watts power everyday. This set up is too costly for a family.

There is second option also. Build your own solar panel. It is easy.

Solar panel is in fact a shallow box so that the sides of it does not shades the cells when the sun in not overhead. Take the size of it to be 3/8 inch plywood having edges of ¾ x ¾ pieces of wood. Glue the pieces and screw them well. This solar panel is capable of holding 36 3x6 inch cells.

Drill tiny holes at the wall edges. These holes keep air pressure inside the panel by equalizing with outside. It also allows moisture to escape. Make sure these holes to be at bottom otherwise rain or dew may get inside. At the centre divider drill vent holes.

To avoid critters or dusts, stuff inside the some holes fiberglass insulations. The center divider holes don’t require insulation.

After doing this cut 2 pieces masonite peg-board and fit it inside the wells. This boards are substrates to the sub-panel.

Give plexiglass front to the panel in order to protect it from the weather. Even glass can be used instead of plexiglass, but keep in mind that glass is fragile.

To check the quality of it, just hail flying debris and stones on it that can shatter glass, but this will bounce back of plexiglass. Give several coats of paint to the panels so that it can protect the panels from moisture and weather. Also paint the peg-board pieces on both sides. So, now you can start with fitting it. The panels are ready.

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6 thoughts on “Buy Solar Cells 3×6

  1. Can doubling the size of a solar cell double the output?
    I am going to buy 3×6 solar cells with a 2 watt output, but the seller doubled the size and i need to know if it increases the output. (If you need to know why, I want to know how big my solar panel is going to be)

  2. Building a SOLAR PANEL with ebay SOLAR CELLS?
    Hello all and thank you for helping!

    I’m building a solar panel with solar cells from ebay and I wanted to know what supplies will I need other than 1.Solar Cells 2.Soldering Gun 3.Solder 4.Flux Pen 5.Tabbing 6.Tabbing Wire 7.Bus Wire 8. Materials for the frame 9.12 Volt Batteries

    What kind of power inverter do I need if I’m trying to charge 12 Volt Car Batteries? I need these supplies to be-able to handle a moderate amount of power because I want to keep adding on cells to my panel. I pretty much know how to make the panel but what all do I need to connect the home built Solar Panel to the batteries? I’m willing to spend around $500.00 to $800 for all the parts total a side from the solar cells. I have 140 3×6 cells I should be buying another 60 and want to make a panels that will charge car batteries. I need to know what parts and equipment I will need aside from the solar panels to to charge them. Equipment that that tells me how much power is flowing and if the batteries are charged are not. Thank you all for viewing my question I am very appreciative to all who help and answer.

  3. For roof size check out the David Darling referenced link below. It provides a square foot of roof space required for the amount of watts you are needing. It also contains some very good pointers about what to take into consideration for the sizing of your system.

    According to the chart doubling the square feet corresponded to double the watts.

    The second link also gets you to a calculator for system cost expectations.

  4. the wattage of your power converter will depend on how much power you want to be able to use at any given time. buy one as big as you can afford, you could always add another converter in parallel later if the first one you buy isn’t big enough. the power converter will be used to convert the 12 volts from the batteries into 120 volts to power light, etc. solor panels should produce 12 volts and basically directly connect to the batteries.